BOODUN Gel Padded Half Finger Breathable Anti-skid Unisex Gloves for Weight Lifting Cycling Climing Hiking Gym Sports&More


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The reasons you need to wear gloves:
1.Wipe sweat, anti-skid, protect the palm of your hand! When the bike is in a high-speed state, the rider’s control of the bike is largely dependent on your hand. Exquisite workmanship riding gloves all in the anti-skid effect up and down enough effort. The breathability depends on the material and size of the glove. While the protection of the palm of your hand is mainly reflected in the rollover, the rider will often use the palm of your hand to touch the ground to make the body slowly landing, if there is no gloves to shock, this action is easy to make the palm of your hand was worn and seriously damaged joints.

2.In fact, since the rider used a different way of sitting and gripping from a recreational cycling, the wrist was in a state of irregular tension for a long time, and its negative effects on nerves and tendons were even lifelong. The special effect of riding a glove is to minimize the oppression of the wrist and compare it to the back of the ordinary glove, and you will find that its front is not flat but upturned, The gesture of the grip is consistent.

3.The palm part of the liner for the bike gloves is a very necessary design. The pad can not only increase the comfort of the role, but also can slip. But the liner is not thicker and better, too thick pad will make the handle when the handle is not very docile, there will be a sense of abrupt, but not conducive to operation.


  • Those gloves are perfect made for outdoor activities.The stylish design makes you the unique one among your friends. This also makes them a definitely good choice as gifts for your friends and family.
  • There are two fabric loops at the end of the gloves, this is designed to help you pull the gloves off easier. We put ourselves in customers’ shoes, so we know that even when you arent sweating, fingerless gloves are tough to remove because it can be very tricky after a longer ride. And these gloves will help you out.
  • The optimized gel padding can absorb the shock and relieve hand fatigue, protecting your hand when enjoy the fun and no worry about the clumsiness. In addition, the gel will give an amazing gripping power to the handlebars of your bike.
  • The surface of those gloves are made of lycra fabric, suede and velvet ,which is breathable while has great elasticity.So they will keep your hand comfortable even on hot afternoon and fit snugly without being tight. What’s more, the terry cloth portion around the thumb which is nice for wiping sweat away.
  • Suitable for climbing, home, equipment training, riding outdoor sports, barbell and so on. Specially designed to provide comfortable compression and support for all sports lovers. Features?Super absorbent, soft close skin, super breathable, constant warm. Easy to pull design, gloves easy to put on and take off.