Lapasa Men’s 2 pack Travel Underwear – QUICK DRY & ODOR RESISTANT – Lightweight Boxer Briefs Breathable Microfiber Shorts Trunks Pack

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Lapasa high-tech synthetic fabric dries extremely quickly so you can wash your underwear at night
and they’ll air dry completely in just a few hours. This means you can bring fewer pairs – which will save you space in your travel bag.

Normal cotton underwear doesn’t breathe well and cotton holds in sweat. This leads to that swampy feeling we’ve all experienced.
Travel underwear allows more air circulation and it also wicks sweat away from your body. Our high-tech fabric allow you to stay cool
and dry in all conditions – and this is a huge benefit for travelers.

Treated with Aegis anti-microbial shield to keep things fresh

Made up of extremely lightweight material, which means less weight in your bag.

Even though they’re made for travel, these underwear are so comfortable that they’re great for wearing long after your travels are over.

S / Waist 28-30″ ; Rib Length 12.6″
M / Wast 32-34″ ; Rib Length 13.4″
L / Wait 36-38″ ; Rib Length 14.2″
XL / Waist 40-42″ ; Rib Length 15″

Lapasa: the most customer-oriented brand. Providers of comfortable,
high-quality, high-tech apparel, we cooperate with the sports, yoga and outdoor activity
communities, along with the world’s best manufacturers, to produce the finest products
available using self-developed new technology and materials.


  • IDEAL CHOICE FOR TRAVELING AND BACKPACKING. Lightweight, quick drying and long-wearing making them well-suited for both workout and adventure
  • ALMOST TOO EASY TO CARE. Toss in the laundry or wash in the sink and they’re fresh and ready to wear within few hours. One or two pairs will be enough for whole trip
  • FORM-FITTED. Slightly relaxed, active fit allows for a greater range of motion during high-energy activities and provide a very comfortable fit without restriction.
  • SOFT ELASTIC WAISTBAND won’t leave marks on your skin or reduce circulation