Deluxe Anal Relax Skin Emollient (100ml) Lumunu einführsam for relaxed Anal Sex



Deluxe Anal Relax Skin Emollient, by Lumunu passion products

Enjoy anal sex in the most lustful manner. This extremely intensive sexual experience which will be experienced by both, the active and passive partner during anal sex was already highly appreciated in the ancient world. Contrary to the vagina the anus is extremely narrow; their more tightened muscles have a more stimulating effect. Compared with the vagina the area around the anus is particularly dry and does not secrete any natural lubricants. Consequently the penetration and insertion of the penis can be very unpleasant or even painful for beginners of anal sex, which in turn leads to automatically tightening of the anal sphincter. Lustful and unrestrained anal sex will be impossible.

Our high-quality Anal Relax skin emollient was developed for preparing and treating the anus for anal sex. The top-quality combination of purely natural substances moisturizes this sensitive body area and ensures untroubled pleasure during anal sex. The two herbal ingredients dandelion and devil’s claw have an anti-inflammatory effect and give the skin a treat also in case of minor injuries of the anus. Sympatens helps to relax the anal sphincter and thus facilitates the penetration of the penis. High-quality avocado oil and Caprae butyrum – natural goat butter – moisturize this sensitive area and maintain its elasticity so that minor injuries and fissures can be successively prevented.

Particular for skin care around the anal sphincter.


  • Experience the utmost pleasure of completely relaxed anal sex by using “einführsam”! Our Anal Relax Skin Emollient will optimally prepare your anus for the anal sex
  • The Anal Relax skin emollient is characterized by the high-quality combination of purely natural ingredients and their relaxing and anti-inflammatory properties. This care product helps to soothe and relax the anal sphincter which enables an easy and gentle insertion
  • The emollient is extremely soothing and high-yielding. Moreover it is particularly skin-friendly and moisturizes this sensitive body area
  • Quality product from Germany, developed and produced in Germany. Vagi-Fit is vegan and produced without prior animal experiments in compliance with the guidelines of the German Association for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
  • Thanks to the high-quality airless system this Anal Relax skin emollient can be very easily dosed. The receptacle can be emptied almost completely (99%)