iiniim Mens Lace Strappy Close Sheath Pouch Bikini Briefs Cross Dress Underwear

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Tag No.: M; Size: M; 1st Waist Strap: 29.0-53.5″/74-136cm; 2nd Waist Strap: 33.0-50.0″/84-126cm
Tag No.: L; Size: L; 1st Waist Strap: 31.5-57.0″/80-142cm; 2nd Waist Strap: 35.5-52.0″/90-130cm
Tag No.: XL; Size: XL; 1st Waist Strap: 33.0-60.0″/84-150cm; 2nd Waist Strap: 38.0-54.0″/96-136cm


  • Men’s bikini briefs underwear, lace floral pattern
  • Low rise with double strappy waistband, front with sissy pouch
  • Ultra-soft, breathable and comfortable fabric, slim cut
  • Great for lingerie night, bedtime surprise or self enjoyment
  • Please check the size clearly before purchasing, hand wash in cold water