Rainbow Glow Berlin Lubricant 100 ml


(as of 09/17/2018 at 11:14 UTC)


Rainbow Glow Berlin lubricant 100 ml
Rainbow Glow lubricant takes into the realm of limitless Lust and sensuality.
Rainbow Glow is the first lubricant, Does not need to sight inside the bedside table, but thanks to its high quality and luxurious bottle quite naturally to its space
As a sexy accessory for beside the bed. Always ready for use when the sex for more for.
Of high-quality and exclusive purple glass bottle protects the valuable contents:
The specially developed water based formula of this rainbow glow sliding gel featuring the Air Vent fabric for exceptional pump dispenser for perfectly coordinated dosing
Ensure the correct flow in the of the most beautiful thing in the world.
Aloe Vera and Vitamin B5 together during and after the lucky moment under the toughest physical zones with moisture and care for the stressed areas of the body.
The unique formula of our Rainbow Glow glide gel has only the best for beautifully displaying photo’s from any special occasion sections of the desire Mpfindens.