Sixvery Flavored Lubricant For Sex Blueberry Smooth 60ml

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Water based lube uses high-tech technology to extract pure natural aloe vera solution, so that aloe solution and other formulations using water-soluble technology integration, thereby stimulating the female G point, to achieve harmony between men and women. Happy sex experience.

Usage: Apply the lubricant evenly to the female labia In the male and female sexual intercourse, or apply the lubricant to the male glans below the coronary ditch below, after the completion of sex then washed out.

Lube formula all use pure natural plant extracts, to the human body without any side effects and damage. This product has its own intellectual property rights and formula patents, and has got MSDS related qualification.

Product Type: sex lubes water based
Product Specifications: 60ml
Product taste type: blueberry
Ingredients: pure natural aloe extract, pure water, hyaluronic acid and so on


  • Sixvery blueberry flavored lubricant 60ml
  • Water based, non-staining lubricant, non-greasy, non-sticky
  • Condom friendly, Super Concentrated perfect lubrication for perfect moments
  • Long lasting Lubricant for enhanced pleasure
  • Independent brand, cost-effective, with MSDS international certification, quality assured